Permitted bagagge

The baggage allowance included in your flight depends on the route and tour operators, as there are accorded different characteristics according to the trip. 

Equipaje permitido


The STANDARD baggage allowance on Orbest Airlines flights is 1 bag of 23 kilos as checked baggage. The luggage in no case can exceed 32 kg. 


Your hand baggage allowance may not exceed 10 kilos and should measure 50 × 40 × 25 cm. However, items such as your pocket book, coat, umbrella or walking stick will be accepted on board without being labelled or weighed. 

On all flights Madrid-Cancun / Punta Cana-Madrid, as well as domestic flights, the standard allowance indicated above applies .

On the route Madrid-Havana-Madrid there may be isolated cases of a difference in the baggage allowances; this should be clearly indicated on your ticket/voucher. 

In all domestic flights standard baggage allowance is applied.

If you need to carry more weight than your baggage allowance, you can inquire about the additional cost using this form

Concept / Flights Baggage allowance Extra Piece Rate per Kilo Voluminous Luggage (4)
Domestic Mainland, Balearics 1 Piece/23Kg (or allowance in flight ticket) First= 30EUR
Second= 50EUR
More= 50EUR
Same piece, from 23 till 32Kg = 3 EUR/Kg 50€ per piece
Medium Distance Europe,
Canary Islands, Azores Islands, Africa,
Madeira, Cape verde
1 Piece/23Kg (or allowance in flight ticket) First= 35EUR
Second= 60EUR
More= 60EUR
Same piece, from 23 till 32Kg = 4 EUR/Kg 50€ per piece
Long Haul 1 Piece/23Kg (or allowance in flight ticket) First= 60EUR
Second= 120EUR
More= 150EUR
Same piece, from 23 till 32Kg = 5 EUR/Kg 100€ per piece

1) Golf Set: 1Bag with full set of golf clubs (12) + pair of shoes
2) If baggage allowance exceeded rate per Kg will be applied
3) Max 3 PET per aircraft
4) Luggage that cannot be sent by regular luggage belt